Top Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental crown is basically a customized tooth-shaped cap which covers the tooth from chewing surface to the gum line. The purposes of using a dental crown can be both cosmetic and functional. If this prosthetic treatment is handled by an expert, it will definitely provide the best look and functionality one could expect. With that said, it is worth mentioning some of the top benefits that dental crowns can deliver.

What is dental crown?
As mentioned above, dental crown is a cap that covers the teeth damaged due to following factors.
  • Tooth decay
  • Injury due to which tooth gets broken
  • Hairline fractures and several fillings
  • Oddly shaped tooth; also referred to as congenital malformation.

When a tooth gets extensively damaged, it doesn’t only lacks in the providing the functionality but it also looks highly unattractive. The inner structure of the tooth may be intact but lack of proper cover makes the tooth more sensitive. In that scenario, getting crown on the tooth doesn’t only restore the smile and bite force, but it also secures the inner structure or pulp of the tooth.

The procedure

Before we talk about the procedure of crowning, there should be a mention about the types of crowns.
  • Golden crown (this one is the strongest kind)
  • Porcelain and metal fused together
  • Pure porcelain crown, which is not only attractive but durable in functionality

Although you can choose from the types of crowns based on your affordability, the dentist may also suggest the appropriate type of crowning you should get. The procedure mainly starts with the x-rays followed by proper cleaning of tooth to clear the old fillings and decay. Then the impression is taken according to which the customized crown has to be prepared.

While the permanent crown is being prepared, you will be provided with a temporary crown until you will get the permanent one. When the new crown gets ready, it is replaced with the temporary one and then it is bonded with the tooth structure.

The different uses of dental crown
Apart from protecting natural teeth, dental crowns can restore smile and functionality in a number of other ways. You may have heard about the fixed bridges. These bridges mainly involve covering the space from where the tooth is lost. Another very popular use of dental crown is providing cover on the top of the dental implants. A deeply stained tooth is a weaker one which can break easily. Dental crowning is the best way to protect that tooth. Furthermore, a crown can also protect the tooth after root canal therapy.

Dental crowns are durable enough to last up to 10 year, and even more than that. It may also depend upon your dental hygiene practices.


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